3 Block Studio

The muffling of external noise that stems from isolation provides us with enough silence to start listening to our inner voice. Hello me, it's nice to meet you.

Our Film
We are super proud of what our little film has been able to accomplish. Making its way to major animation film festivals around the world. We hope you enjoy it.

Credits -

Directed by 3 Block Studio

Executive Producer: Ivan Andreevski
Story: Ljubomir Sazdovski, Mihail Naumov, Ivan Andreevski
Script: Ivan Andreevski
Creative Direction: Ivan Andreevski
Art Direction: Mihail Naumov
Storyboard & Concept Development: Mihail Naumov, Ivan Andreevski
Design: Mihail Naumov
Character Design: Mihail Naumov
Layout: Mihail Naumov, Ljubomir Sazdovski
Enviroment modelling: Ljubomir Sazdovski
Character Rigging: Jovan Matoski
Character Animation: Mihail Naumov
Texturing: Mihail Naumov, Ljubomir Sazdovski
Lighting: Ljubomir Sazdovski
Compositing: Ivan Andreevski
Music: Vladimir Petkovikj
Sound Design: Ivan Andreevski

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