Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls Kebabs

A skillful cook is an artist and cooking for a crowd can be like a big arena show, the grill and the stage can have a lot in common.

Just one glance at Australian TV provides an insight into this country's current love affair with food. Celebrity chef Shane Delia (Maha) is very much at the forefront of this movement. Coupling his love of middle eastern cuisine into both an amazing restaurant in Melbourne's CBD called Maha, and a TV show about culinary expedition called Spice Journey (SBS), which inspires his Maha menu.

Biggie Smalls was the next chapter for Shane, a venture that combined his love of hip hop music (rapper The Notorious B.I.G) and his need to bring high quality urban street food to the masses in the form of a Kebab. 3-Block had the honour of introducing Biggie Smalls to masses, and giving the right type of 'Flayva' to those seeking flavour.

Hip Hop music is a staple of modern pop culture, but the 90's were truly its golden era, which made paying tribute to the gritty sounds and style of that time a must. This project required us to walk the fine line of conveying the feel of a grimey hip hop environment along with the clean and sanitary environment of any establishment that serves food.

We took inspiration from the pioneers of hip hop, who spent their time perfecting record mixes and applied that to our 'Biggie' character, who can be seen mixing and perfecting his own blend of flavour.

The character of 'Biggie' itself is not only a tribute to late rapper the Notorious B.I.G, but a metaphor for what this project was for our client Shane Delia. The 'Biggie' character itself, spent his days in the background, working on his passion and perfecting it before he chose to unleash it on the masses.  While our client spent his days in the kitchen working on his passion project of an amazing Hip Hop inspired Kebab joint to Melbourne.

The result? Some damn fine Kebabs! And a damn fine animation.

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